We are Battlefords Concern For Youth, a non-profit charitable organization that has been providing outreach and mentorship services to youth in our community since 1989. Our organization was formed by members of the community as a response to escalating gang activity, homelessness, and youth crime. It was believed that the issues surrounding Battlefords youth were worsening due to the lack of community involvement and a lack of activities for youth to participate in. Battlefords Concern For Youth, Inc. was initially only meant to be a three-year program; however, due to its success, this organization has been able to acquire and maintain funding and grants from a number of different organizations in order to keep us running. The Ministry of Social Services is our largest source of funding at this time.

Concern For Youth’s mission is to use a proactive approach to assist youth in making responsible decisions, to act as a liaison between youth and community programming, raise the profile of youth issues in the community, and identify the needs of youth and current gaps in service.

Our governing board of directors includes representatives from many different organizations throughout the Battlefords. The agencies that currently represent our Board of Directors includes: advisories from Ministry of Social Services and the Town of Battleford, BGC, Mental Health and Addictions, as well as community members.

Our organization is unique as we do not operate under the umbrella of any other organization. Rather, our organization operates independently while partnering with other agencies throughout the Battlefords in an effort to assist youth and their families. Our organization continues to grow and evolve, continuing to make a positive impact in the lives of Battlefords youth.

Our Staff

Linda joined the staff of Concern for Youth in July 2023. Originally from Penticton, BC, Linda made the Battlefords home in 1989 after coaching and teaching in Northern Alberta for 10 years. She is a former educator who has spent the past 25 years working in the non-profit and charitable sector. She has worked in the role of Executive Director for the past 26 years primarily in the sport, culture and recreation sectors and believes that cultural connections, movement, shared stories and exploration of creative potential contribute to overall wellbeing, especially for children and youth. She values collaboration and believes that seeking input and feedback from program participants and partners is a critical part of service delivery. In her spare time Linda volunteers to support live performing arts and has been active in costume design and manufacturing for theatre and dance for the past 35 years.
Troy joined Concern for Youth as a Youth Mentor in August 2023. He graduated in 2014 from Makwa Saigiehcan High School and has been working with youth and adults in various capacities ever since. He has an interest in understanding stress, anxiety, depression, and aggression and enjoys sharing tools to help youth navigate their emotions. He shares his belief in respect, maintaining dignity and taking pride in making good decisions. Troy leads by example and openly shares how he’s had to work hard to become a positive role model. He is an avid basketball player and shares his love of physical activity and the outdoors as a part of developing a healthy lifestyle with the youth he works with. Troy loves to spend time at the gym and over the past couple of years has worked on a clothing line that focuses on wellness.
Chaeli was born and raised in the Battlefords and is a new member of Concern for Youth’s staff starting in February of 2024. She is an empathetic individual who holds a strong passion for helping others and believes that understanding different points of view is important if people want to work together. She values open-mindedness and communication. Chaeli is pursuing her goal of helping others as a social work student through the University of Regina while still residing in the Battlefords. She ultimately would like to become a school counsellor one day. Chaeli is also a self-taught artist that believes art is something of many forms and a great way of self-expression. She hopes to one day create a story with her art that inspires others, just as she herself has been.
Shaleisha joined the Concern for Youth Staff in February 2024. She has returned to the Battlefords after living in Edmonton. She is a mother to two young children and is excited to work with children and youth in the Battlefords. She has past experience as an Addictions Support Worker and has worked in a supporting role for adults needing mental health supports in order to live independently. She loves to be creative and enjoys cooking, beadwork, painting and crafts. She is a great listener who is proud of her organizational skills and her ability to assist others with problem solving.

Work With Us

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Volunteer With Us

You must be at least 15 years of age to volunteer with Battlefords Concern For Youth.

Volunteer Process

  1. Complete the form below
  2. We will contact you to arrange an in-person interview with our Executive Director
  3. You will need to acquire a recent Criminal Record and Vulnerable Sector Check. Battlefords Concern For Youth will provide you with a letter so you only need to pay $15 at City Hall

If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the form below or email executivedirector@concernforyouth.ca with any questions.

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Our Board of Directors

Jennifer Schmidt, Chair

Lisa Chapman, Vice Chair

Miguel Fenrich, Secretary

Erin Munn, Treasurer

Cst. Josh Trefry, Director

Natasha Deren, Advisory Seat

Kevin Russell, Advisory Seat

Thomas (Bill) Ironstand, Advisory Seat